Calling for the Journey: Origami in the Digital Age

Hello, origami lovers!

Have you ever been intrigued by origami designs?
Have you ever thought it would be fun to get into origami, but not known how?
Have you tried to follow origami instructions from text and pictures and been frustrated?
Do you have some origami designs of your own that you would like to share?

If your answer to any of these is “Yes” then, a brand new origami social platform for the digital age, is for you.

Fully Digitized Origami?

While everybody from toddlers to grandmom and dad can enjoy origami, in this overly digitized world full of buzzwords like IoT or AI, origami remains essentially the same as in the middle ages, which depended on not-so-easy-to-interpret instruction diagrams or face-to-face learning. Human interaction is great but teaching yourself origami is complex and quite challenging. Why should origami be like this? There must be a better way. Look at the music. Look at MP3. The dazzling soundtrack is certainly created and played by superstars but enjoying it requires hardly any challenge in this world. Why on earth cannot origami be like this? Fun and easy to enjoy, not fun but quite challenging to enjoy.

In D’origami, we’re pursuing making origami a fully digitized art by applying computer simulation technology. Some might say “Huh, digitized origami? Come on, it’s a handcraft. It’s an art. Why machines?” But who knows? One day AI could invent fancy or bizarre brand-new origami designs and fold them into real examples!

What D’origami Provides

Being just born, D’origami currently provides only basic features. You can fold origami, replay fold steps back and forth, save a folded example into the repository, and load it later. You can browse origami examples from the album page, and unfold and refold them on screen.

The current status of origami simulation is still far from complete. Still, it will certainly be improved as D’origami continues to grow out of its infancy through teenage and into a full-grown site.

We Need You

We at D’origami are eager to listen to you about the product, features, site improvement ideas, etc. Every comment, advice, criticism, feature request, or feedback is crucial for us to keep being motivated and continue development. So please visit the discussion forum to check what others say and make your voice. Join the conversation! Your opinions will directly affect the steering of the development.

This is a journey. A journey of endeavor for perfection and discovery, challenge, and seeking of ultimate solutions. A journey that a handful of fans start on and that others will follow.

Join the journey. Be a pioneer. Let’s pave a brand new path toward the wonderful world of digital origami together!

Happy folding!