Israeli Origami Center

This is the major Origami group in Israel since 1993. It is a real-activity group, not an online organization.
I think it is comparable to OrigamiUSA.

There were several Origami workshops. The most recent workshop recorded in Nov 2019.

(10th Israeli Origami Center International Origami Convention)


Created by Miri Golan in the mid 2000s, Origametria is an education program that teaches students geometry through Origami.

The website says, “e-Learning Origametria is designed for teachers and others who teach topics of curriculum geometry from Kindergarten to Grade 6.”

(Israeli origami lover transforms paper-folding into education)

OrigamIsrael - Origami Artists of Israel

OrigamIsrael (formerly OASIS) is a group of Israeli origami enthusiasts and fans.